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Welcome to The Secret Warehouse

We are taking Business Centres to the next level and would like to invite you on our journey.

The Secret Warehouse is set within an existing Liverpool Docklands Warehouse. Modern Architectural integration within the original building has meant we can retain the old world charm of the beautiful brick warehouse whilst modernising the space to create something magical.

The Secret Warehouse is not only unique in its setting but unique in its space. We operate on the basis that you must believe in the Law Of Attraction in order to rent a space. As in the Law Of Attraction our Residents have been attracted to the building in very weird and wonderful ways. We believe if your attracted to our Centre its because you understand the Secret to success is to surround yourself with like minded, highly motivated and enthusiastic people.

We have designed the Warehouse so you can rent your space, integrate with other Entrepreneurs, get connected with PR, Marketing and Brand Consultants. Even though most of our Residents are top of there Industry we have no competition, no rivalry, everyone is vibrating on the same frequency, you have to feel the atmosphere to believe it!

We also offer the use of our Main Studio to many major brands across the UK for Training purposes.

We believe we are trend setters, we believe that our model of a working/lifestyle environment will be common practice in years to come.

You should not go to work because you NEED to , you should work because you WANT to, because you enjoy it, the rest will fall in place!!


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17 November 2019
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Our Studio


The open space is perfect for Training, Masterclasses and Seminars.
Residents at the Secret Warehouse can take advantage of this magnificent space to enhance their business.


Our residents have come from all walks of life. The common dominator is positivity. They believe in themselves, they believe that surrounding themselves with like-minded people is the key to success.