Here at the Secret Warehouse we have decided to begin choosing a tenant of the month. This will be chosen from our existing businesses within the Warehouse. The Law of Attraction has brought us all here for a reason and we are keen to continuously praise one another in order to keep the positivity and belief running throughout the building.

Our first tenant of the month is LiverPole. Pole fitness has taken the world by storm in the past few years. It’s also taken over The Secret Warehouse. LiverPole is our new favorite workout. It’s fun and sexy, what’s not to love?
LiverPole are going from strength to strength with two different studios based in Liverpool. One in the city centre and another at The Secret Warehouse. The Secret Warehouse has worked its magic on LiverPole radiating positivity and enthusiasm on the business.

LiverPole has been at The Secret Warehouse since October 2015. Janine, who runs the classes, loves working at the Warehouse and said: “All the girls in the warehouse are amazing ”
The Secret Warehouse is a sanctuary of tranquility. The perfect place for the studio, as it allows those taking a pole fitness class to focus and perform to the best of their ability.
We spoke to Janine about her success with LiverPole!

1. How did you get into pole fitness?

I was getting bored at the gym and wanted to try something different. I had always wanted to try pole fitness but all the classes tended to be in clubs – I always thought they were trying to recruit! Then I found one in a studio and from the first class I was hooked.


2. What drew you to The Secret Warehouse?

One of my girls comes to the Warehouse for her nails and told me about this beautiful building and suggested I contact them to see if we would be able to hire a room. I sent an email the next day, got a lovely email back and made an appointment to come and take a look round.

The minute I stepped through the door I could feel the energy and vibes and walked up the stairs repeating ‘please have room for me, please have room for me’. You can imagine my excitement when they said they did. I was made up to be in the main room – but when I was told I would be getting my own room it was everything that I had been looking for.


3. How does it feel to be named as tenant of the month?

I’m shocked, pleased and excited and very sorry for missing you call. All the girls in the warehouse are amazing so feel very honored to be the first one.

4. Do you believe that the positivity and spirituality of the building has been beneficial to your success?

More and more each day. At the beginning of 2015 I came home with a “Welcome” sign. Rob asked me what it was for and I told him ‘my studio’. He looked at me strange at the time but now I have it in my studio. Not hung up but there none the less. The Law Of Attraction workshops have been amazing and completely changed the way I think and see people and situations.


5. What makes LiverPole different to other pole fitness classes?

This is something I ask my students who have been to other studios and something I ask myself when I go to other classes.

We don’t pack out our classes so you get quality over quantity and we have time to check on everyone. We make sure everyone is comfortable and if they are struggling we always have something else for them to try so they don’t feel down heartened.

We are a friendly bunch who don’t take ourselves seriously and aren’t trying to be something we’re not. Our girls have the same philosophy and always help and support each other – they would sooner pass someone their foot to help them into a move rather than laugh at them for not being able to reach it. This makes us a happy pole family.


6. Is pole fitness easy to pick up and maintain?

Everyone is different and different issues cause problems for different people. But pole is diverse so there is something for everyone and you don’t have to be able to do everything – I know I can’t!

One of the hardest things to do is walk through the door. I have so many people telling me they have wanted to try it for ages, but didn’t have the confidence, anyone to come with, the strength to hold themselves up etc. After their first lesson they know there was nothing to worry about and they love it.

We build up our girls strength and confidence on the pole before trying any climbing or inversions so by the time they try it if they don’t feel disheartened when they can’t do it.
Personally I wasn’t a fan of the routines, having 2 left feet I would always go the wrong way. Once I was able to climb and invert it opened up a whole new world of moves – and pain!

7. What would you say to anyone considering starting a pole fitness course?

Give it go! Put aside any stereotypes, any fears, any worries and try it. Your cheeks will be sore from smiling and laughing so even if at the end you decide not to carry on at least you can say you have given it a go.

There are three different courses available to anyone interested in pole fitness; bronze, silver and gold. Courses are 6 weeks long. Each class last 60mins and begins with a warm up, followed by a pole dance routine, body conditioning and a cool down.


If you are interested contact Janine on 07921330893 or email [email protected]
You can also head to the website