As Marilyn Monroe once sang “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!” This is something all of us here at The Secret Warehouse strongly agree on. Which is why this month we have chosen our Tenant of the Month to be Say it with Diamonds.

This jewellery business is the go to for high-end, bespoke bracelets, necklaces and rings. Say it with Diamonds are new to our Warehouse family, having just moved into the building in January. But they’re fitting in brilliantly! Steph said: “The energy of the building is amazing!”
The two brains behind the business are Charlotte and Steph, how have known each other since they were children. Steph said: “We hadn’t seen each other in years then, in 2015, Charlotte walked into my cousins house and we just hit it off! I saw for myself how hard Charlotte worked in her previous business and when the opportunity came along she was a great help in setting everything up and so I asked her if she would do it with me.”
The Say It With Diamonds Instagram page is every girls dream. Filled with pictures of the girls latest creations. Whether you purchase a piece for yourself or as a gift you will not be disappointed.
We spoke to the latest editions to The Warehouse, Steph and Charlotte, for more!

1. Mother’s day is coming up, what piece of jewellery would you suggest as an extra special gift?

The initials are always a good buy, timeless and you can wear everyday. We do white/rose/yellow gold, a silver or if your mum likes to shine we do full diamond. Our favourite at the minute is the floating diamond heart necklace.


2. What was the first piece of jewellery you made?

The first piece of jewellery we made was a gorgeous pear shaped engagement ring designed by ourselves and the help of our client. She knew what she wanted in her head. So we helped her thoughts become things. We later made her wedding ring for her and her husband.

3. What’s the best piece you’ve made?

Charlotte: for me it has to be the triple diamond dance ring. I love the circle of life necklace also.

Steph: I like the more personal things we get asked to design. A lady’s friends’ dad had passed away so she wanted to buy her a gift. Something not too expensive but very personal. The friends’ dad was a paratrooper so she came to us and wanted the badge making and putting on a bracelet. Something you just can’t get unless it’s bespoke handmade.


4. What’s Say It With Diamonds signature piece?

Most popular is initials. Signature piece is still in process. Watch this space.


5. What piece of jewellery would you say every woman should have?

Every woman should have a nice pair of diamond earrings. We start from 0.10 carat all the way up.

6. What makes you different to other jewellers?

Our prices and the whole experience makes us different. We don’t have huge flagship stores, huge rates, huge commission bills. We are a made to order company this way we can keep our prices extra competitive. A 1 carat diamond E colour VS STONE for example is the same from us as it would be in a Bond Street jewellers, the rent for the jewellers needs to be paid for some way. Do you get where I’m going.


7. Have you got any exciting plans for the business this year?

We are about to launch a personalised candle range. Diamonds and candles what more can a girl need?? Hmmm personalised truffles I may put that on our vision board. Diamond, candles and truffles yes what more can a girl need.

We are also bringing out a set of our own personalised layer stack bracelets, these are going to be amazing.

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

5 years….. Bond Street charging 10x as much!! Just kidding. The world is our oyster I’m scared to think we are so grateful for the opportunities that have come our way we are so lucky. As long as we continue to work hard, keep meeting lovely people and stay great friends we will be happy.


9. Who’s your dream client?

Charlotte: Dream client obviously Kim k or Beyoncé of course.

Steph: My dream client is someone who didn’t think they could have THAT engagement ring and realising that with Say It With Diamonds they can.

If you’ve fallen in love with Say it with Diamonds as much as we have and you would like to book a consultation then you can email them via [email protected]