We’ve had another busy, yet super productive month this February at The Secret Warehouse. That’s why it’s been so difficult to pick our latest Tenant of the Month. It’s was a tricky decision to pick one business out of all the warehouse family but this month’s award goes to The Mako Shark!

Crazy name right? It fits perfectly with the crazy hair styles that the girls in this hair salon produce! One trip to The Mako Sharks lead hair stylist Amy Makin will leave you with one of the best haircuts in Liverpool.

The Mako Shark has been based at The Secret Warehouse right from the beginning and we love having this amazing bunch of crazy hair scientists in our family!

The Mako shark girls are colour specialists and their hair transformations are amazing! If you take a look at the instagram page you’ll see some of the most amazing hair styles around. From mermaid pink to multicoloured rainbow tresses The Mako Shark can do it all.

A trip to The Mako Shark is completely unique. Firstly, before your hair appointment Amy will book you in for a consultation where she will personally examine your hair, face shape, skin type and personality so that she can advise you on what hair style she thinks would be best for you. On the day of your appointment you’ll be greeted with a big smile.

Getting an appointment isn’t easy though, The Mako Shark is always fully booked up two months in advance. However, Amy’s personal and friendly approach will make your appointment worth the wait.

We spoke to lead hairdresser Amy for more information!


1. How does it feel to be chosen as the Tenant of the Month?

Really good! I feel a bit special! I’ve never won anything else before so it’s great!


2. How did you get into hairdressing?

I went to university at first but I left in my final year. Then I went to go work in a call centre, which was so depressing and I just thought I needed to be doing something that I loved. So I went back to college and started doing hairdressing!

I was doing college full time and working in the call centre full time as well. I was so busy all the time I don’t know how I did it! I remember I used to go home and cry after my colour classes because they were so hard, but all the work was worth it.


3. What is it that you love so much about hair dressing?

The gratitude you get from people is amazing. You can change people’s lives and mindsets. People come out hugging me and kissing me. That makes me really happy. I like doing big transformations. That’s my thing I just love it!


4. How long have you been at The Secret Warehouse?

I’ve been here since it opened. Marie messaged me asking if I’d like to come in and I thought ‘Are you messing, is this a dream?’ So, I thought yeah why not because when Sleep-In Rollers message you it’s a big deal.

I’d been looking for a space for ages so it was weird that she’d messaged me at the time! I was so busy all the time and I was working as a mobile hairdresser at the time so when Marie offered and asked if I wanted to be based here I was honoured that they asked me!


5. You’re an Olaplex certified salon, what does that mean?

It’s a bond multiplier, if you have broken hair or split ends it reconstructs from the inside out. It basically fuses your split ends back together.

It makes your hair look smoother. I’ve had customers where I’ve lifted their hair for four to five hours and they’ve said their hair feels better than before because of the Olaplex. It lets you push the boundaries and lets you do things more extreme. It’s why I can do so many transformations.


6. What makes you different to other hair dressers?

I’m real with my customers. I’ll tell them if there’s something we can’t do with their hair and they appreciate that. I care so much about people’s hair! I just want my clients to be 100% happy all the time.


7. Are a lot of your clients repeat customers?

Well, I have a two month waiting list. I’m fully booked all the time, unless I have a cancellation. Because the clients are happy with their initial consultation they’re willing to wait that time. I always do a consultation beforehand and take samples of the hair to test it and make sure the hair is strong enough to take the products.

I always think safety first. I always put the client first and won’t put them at risk of using a product that they may react badly to. I am very lucky because my customers always come back because they get a safe and personal service from me all the time.


Appointments with The Mako Shark are strictly by appointment only.

You can book yourself an appointment via The Secret Warehouse website or give The Mako Shark a call on 07753610845.