Naomi Isted and The Secret Warehouse

Celebrity Fans

The word is spreading and some of our fave celebs and influencers are showing their love for our positivity products across social media and in the press! First there was the amazing Jean Johansson featuring our reassurance Rocks in her Sunday Mail column, and now top lifestyle blogger and presenter Naomi Isted and actress and…

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The Secret Warehouse

Join The Secret Warehouse Revolution this Spring

A wave of new-age thinking is sweeping the nation.  No longer do Brits shy away from the self-help category, we are wholeheartedly embracing it.  We are investing more in mindfulness, we are harnessing the power of meditation to be at one with that universal mind and we are thinking differently about the way in which…

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The Secret Warehouse Rock

LOVE YOURSELF this Valentine’s Day… and beyond

So Valentine’s Day is happening this week whether you love it, or whether you think it is nothing but a load of greeting card crap. For me, I don’t really struggle to show those around me I love them (and don’t need a day on which to do so), but what I do struggle with…

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Jean Johansson's Sunday Mail column featuring The Secret Warehouse 'My Life Rocks' set

Jean Johansson Rocks!

‘My Life Rocks’ featured in the fabulous Jean Johansson’s Sunday Mail column this week! Catch up on ‘Jean’s Scene’ in the 7 Days Magazine and you’ll read up on how TV presenter and journalist Jean Johansson LOVES our magical stones and places them throughout her house as reminders to always be positive!  How amazing is…

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Acts of Kindness cards and reassurance rocks for children

The Placebo Effect

Our amazing products harness the power of the Placebo Effect and ensure that the user adopts the positive mantra they emanate. So what exactly is the Placebo Effect? The Placebo Effect is a well known phenomenon in the medical world, yet it has nothing to do with medicine, but rather  a lot to do with…

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The Wednesday Edit Talks Positivity

Join us as we catch up with one of the UK’s top bloggers on what she thinks of the latest launches from The Secret Warehouse. “I’m Mollie, a 20 something realist trying to make sense of the world in a mind full of good intentions and better prospects. I’ve been a blogger for just over…

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The Secret Warehouse logo

Give The Gift of Positivity

As we near the end of another year, it is a time of quiet reflection for most.  We ask ourselves have we achieved our 2017 New Year Resolutions?  Did we pluck up the courage to make that career move? Have we been the best versions of ourselves this year? For many the answer will be…

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