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As we near the end of another year, it is a time of quiet reflection for most.  We ask ourselves have we achieved our 2017 New Year Resolutions?  Did we pluck up the courage to make that career move? Have we been the best versions of ourselves this year?

For many the answer will be nope.  Time has not been on their side with the resolutions, they have spent most of the year being stressed or anxious (likely both all in a oner) and they have been too caught up in the rat race, trying to make ends meet to be that positive person they are eager to unleash.

If this is you, then let that be the last year of feeling like that.

Time for positive change

My Life Rocks by The Secret Warehouse

The Secret Warehouse have just launched a collection of products to help you experience the magic of the Law of Attraction.  No this is not some mumbo jumbo or hocus pocus.

These products will teach that what you believe you will see; what you give, you get back; and what you think about and give energy, to will become your reality.  And most importantly, they will put you on the path to a life of abundance. This is our promise to you. Excited? Can we get a HELL YES!

Let the magic commence

All of these powerful products have been created by the Residents of The Secret Warehouse and with more items to be added, here’s a quick rundown of what we got so far…

Acts of Kindness Cards for Adults

The Secret Warehouse Task Cards for AdultsThe Secret Warehouse Task Cards for Adults

The tasks on the cards go hand in hand with the Law Of Attraction and provide a simple way of teaching that it is important to give, whilst manifesting your perfect life.

Each card showcases an act of kindness and when these are carried out with the correct intent, you will notice that the universe will reward you with amplified levels of kindness.

We recommend picking out three cards a day, carrying out the tasks and watch as exciting opportunities open up to you.

Trust us, this works!

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Acts of Kindness Cards for Children

The Secret Warehouse Task Cards for ChildrenThe Secret Warehouse Task Cards for Children

The aim of the cards is to teach our children kindness, love, gratitude, appreciation and all in a fun and engaging way.

It is so important that we teach youngsters from an early age that the way we think, controls the way we feel, and the way we feel controls our lives.

We recommend picking out three cards a day and encouraging children to carry out the simple acts of kindness on the cards.  Things like helping a teacher or smiling at a class member can really make a difference to others.

In learning the importance of being kind and helpful to others, they are securing themselves amplified levels of kindness back, whilst at the same time being educated on how to live a life of positive abundance.

We may learn a thing or two ourselves!

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My Life Rocks

Guidance and reassurance rocks

If you know someone who struggles with confidence, happiness, self-worth or anxiety, then these rocks offer messages of reassurance and can be given separately or as a full set.

Sometimes a little message at the right time can mean the world to someone.  What’s more, the rocks inspire a placebo effect that encourages the people who receive them to respond to the message upon the stone in a positive way.

Imagine giving a gift so powerful that it can incentivise a change of feelings, attitude and therefore a person’s future?

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Children’s Package of Love

Acts of Kindness cards and reassurance rocks for children

In this pack your child will receive the wonderful acts of kindness task cards.

Also included with this magical kit is a full set of guidance stones for every occasion of life. Maybe your child needs some support going to school one day, or perhaps they just require a simple reminder in their pocket of how much they are loved.

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Power Pen

Positivity Power Pen

This is your pen, no one else should use it.

When using this pen you must relax, concentrate, set your intention and feel every word you are writing.

Studies show that people who write down their goals are 42% more likely to achieve them than those who don’t.

Use this pen and enjoy the magic that ensues.

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My Positive Clipboard

Positivity clipboard

When you hold a clipboard, you naturally become a person in authority whether that be in your work, at an event or wherever you may be using it.  You have plans or a schedule to stick to you and for that time, you are the master of the universe.

Click here to buy this clipboard to assure of constant positive vibes, set your goals, align your plans and act!

So What You Waiting For?

With this line up, there’s seriously no need to ever give a meaningless gift again, nor is there an excuse not to invest in a better, brighter and more fulfilling future for yourself.

Join  #thesecretrevolution and experience the magic that comes with it.