Emma’s Russian Hair

Extension specialist hair stylist

I started hairdressing fourteen years ago, it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. I strive to make people feel and look amazing, giving them the hair they have always wanted. Six years ago, I discovered that the quality in hair extensions not only in Liverpool but the UK was poor. I set out to find the best Virgin Russian hair available. The hair is double drawn and put on to handmade wefts, if well maintained the hair can last up to two years.

I can match the extensions to any colour and also to your own hair. I fit them, cut them into your own hair, and sew them in either braided in or LA weave, creating the most natural look you will ever get, so in other words it will be coloured, fitted and a perfect match.

The Secret Warehouse has been a breath of fresh air to be in. The environment we work in is fantastic. It’s friendly and just an all round happy place to be in. My business had gone from strength to strength since being based here.

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