latest way to get fit, shape up & have fun

Pole fitness benefits your entire body, mind and soul. Not only is it a great core workout but our routines will get your hearts racing so great for cardio fitness too. Leaning to control spins and pivots strengthen muscles throughout your body which benefits your coordination, balance and posture.

Put this together with the extra sense of confidence and independence it gives you there is no better way to keep fit. There is no age limit and no size limit. But the thing I like most about it is the fun and laughter. We are one big happy pole family who help, support and encourage each other and are waiting for you to help you out on your pole journey.

The Secret Warehouse is the perfect workplace where the people hold the same beliefs and provides the same support and encouragement that we like to provide to our girls. The moment I first walked through the doors I loved the place – not only the way it looked but the positive vibe and feel of the place.

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