Noninvasive Skincare Treatments

Facials like no other.  Discover the most talked about Facials that have become the must have noninvasive skincare treatments.  Our philosophy is to treat each client from the inside out reaching the root cause of many issues within the body from anxiety to hormones and many other dysfunctions that can cause all sorts of skin issues.  We customise all of our treatments to make it as individual as you, treating you at the cellular level and creating equilibrium once again within the body mind and skin.  All of our treatments are designed to instantly lift tired eyes, cheek bones and soften fine lines and wrinkles and leave you in at state of bliss.  I have travelled America and Europe and trained with the best, combined with a selection of noninvasive machines and a back bar of lotions and potions your skintilate experience will be an unforgettable one.   

Becoming a resident at the Secret Warehouse has enabled me to grow from strength to strength and I believe the best is yet to come.  I have encountered some amazing opportunities and can only say thank you to the Secret Warehouse for facilitating my dream, I am blessed beyond measure.

What we say – 

Top of her game by mixing science, expertise and the love and care Carla delivers a facial like no other.  A relaxing and replenishing experience sought by many top names Carla has worked on such as Rita Ora, Amanda Holden and Tom Jones to name just a few we are so lucky to have residents like this here.  Carla is always learning gaining experience by travelling the world to find the best treatments around bringing them to Liverpool.  It’s no surprise to us she is flourishing in her business.

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