The Brow Club

The Home of Brow Recovery

I started the business nearly 4 years ago after going through a tough time personally I knew I needed to do something different something I loved and something that would enable me to earn more money and security for my at the time 2 year old daughter. 


I turned up at the Secret Warehouse with the idea that I wanted to do brows as id been in the beauty industry for a long time.  There was one room left available to rent and I wasn’t leaving without making sure it was mine.  Once I had the room and started ordering furniture there was no going back and some days I would be terrified at how I was going to do it all.  I just kept going moving forward and knowing I was going to succeed.  I was so fortunate that I quickly gained a good client base I started to thrive in the positive environment around me and it was so refreshing to have people around me believe as I did.  Through relentless social media advertising I became extremely busy. 

I decided I wasn’t just the average brow technician I needed to put my own stamp on the market and I developed my own style of brows and a regrowth program that became massively popular. 

At the time 90% of my clients were using brow pomade and the “insta brow” was still a thing although most people wanted a bushier brow look and had no idea how to get it.   This is were the idea came from for our first product the Big n Bushy brow kit. The 2 products in one, fill in and brush up.  The product to give you the brows of your dreams.  So I’m 2017 we launched and we’ve had massive success selling on big names such as bohoo, pretty little things, nasty gal, never fully dressed. 

started our Essex pop ups October 2017 and we are so busy offering our services to the lovely Essex crowd.  I love the pop ups and it keeps it interesting meeting new people and having a weekend away, we do these once a month.  Travelling with work is a great asset to my day job. 

In March 2018 we launched The Brow Club training academy the teach our esteemed Brow Recovery treatment after so many emails asking us if we could train people our techniques.  Our students are doing so well and nothing makes me happier than to be able to help people achieve their dreams, do a job they love and become independent just like I did 4 years ago, 

I genuinely love my job, it’s exciting and never the same it also lets me be as creative as I want which is perfect for me because although I believed academics not my strong point I knew I had a lot to offer.  

Looking back as I’m writing this I feel so blessed and proud of everything I’ve achieved in such a short space of time. 

Being in a place I feel fully supported has helped me massively and I’m so grateful I found the Secret Warehouse, coming here has been the best career move I’ve made.  I believe gratitude is massively important and it has definately helped me to flourish. 

I have a new product launch this year that I’m so excited about too, the sky’s the limit for brow club. 

Love and positive vibes 


The brow club ♥️ 

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