Lipo Lounge Liverpool

Bamboo Beautiful – Classy, Stylish – Affordable

At Lipo Lounge Liverpool we offer Amazing Treatments for Inch Loss and Cellulite Reduction.

The Non-invasive Ultrasound Cavitation Liposuction is the newest technology on the market – with incredible results!

Lipo Lounge Liverpool also offer LED Teeth Whitening and many Beauty Treatments!

1. How much does 1 treatment cost? Treatments range from £40 you can get discount packages if you agree to doing the recommended 6 treatments for only £200.
2. How many treatments do I need to get full results? The recommended course of treatment is 6 sessions.
3. How many treatments before I notice ANY results? Generally clients can see results after just one treatment. (I did!)
4. How long does it take to receive 1 treatment? Each treatment takes about 30 minutes.
5. How far apart should each treatment be? There should be 2 days between each treatment to give your body time to get rid of the fat. Once/twice a week is recommended.
6. Does it hurt? The most you will feel is a warming sensation.
7. Where does the fat go? It’s absorbed into the lymph system and flushed out. (Hence the recommended increase in water consumption post-treatment!)
8. Will it harm my skin? Your skin gets slightly red and warm
9. Are there any known negative side effects? Apparently people with extremely sensitive skin might notice more redness and it may last a couple hours before subsiding, but this extremely rare

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