“Where intention meets invention”.


Do you believe in Magic?

We do here at The Secret Warehouse, and we’re not necessarily talking wands, spell jars and Hogwarts here but more so the magical energy within each individual business that’s a part of our unique community. That spark that ignites through creative exchange, mutual support and the sharing of ideas. What we have built at The Secret Warehouse isn’t something you can pin-point through explanation, it’s something that you just feel and experience as soon as you walk through our doors. Imagine your life if you could start within nothing but an idea and cultivate it into something amazing. Mind blowing right? We all have things in life that we’d like to achieve, don’t we? We feel that it’s your mindset that makes the difference and we foster an atmosphere that If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. Between our residents, there is such a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise that we are passionate about sharing to support each other’s growth and potential. This has blended into our motto which flows through all that we do as we know that The Secret Warehouse is truly a place “where intention meets invention”.

Who would have thought an old warehouse, in the heart of a well-worn industrial dockside estate, would be literally transformed into a hub of creative energy. A building that has not only re-energised each of us but the surrounding area too with its vibrant, unapologetic, positive energy and deep commitment to the community we serve. I mean, we literally have the waters of our fair city flowing right alongside us, and it doesn’t get much better than that now does it?

It truly is a place that has to be seen to be believed.
Each individual that calls The Secret Warehouse their home is an Architect of dreams. We believe that your mindset is what make the difference, and it truly is the energy that you place around that dream that creates the magic. Belief in yourself and your limitless potential could see your seed of an idea grow into a full-blown forest. And who wouldn’t want the forest hey? Now, we don’t sit here and say that’s it’s all easy and it will all just fall into your lap by will alone but what we offer is a meeting of minds, who are experienced and passionate about seeing each other succeed. Through that energy exchange, we have attracted some amazing souls who’ve aligned with our mission to build a unique community, whose soul purpose is to take real grass roots ideas, and through collective support, encouragement and suggestions, watch them grow into forward thinking, positive, professional initiatives, with the individual at the heart of that. And that’s not just dreams for us, we have lived it and we have seen it time after time. It’s a magic that has (and continues to) work for us and it can work for you too! Well, do you believe in magic?

The Secret Warehouse – Where intention meets invention.


Our Residents at The Secret Warehouse are as diverse as they can possibly be! We have family run enterprises, PR firms, Accountants, Wellbeing Clinics, Hair and Beauty industry leaders, Event Planners, Clothing manufacturers and even a full Training Academy certified by Ofsted as Ofsted Approved College. They may all be in very different business sectors but they all agree on two things…firstly they all believe in the Law of Attraction and secondly, they know that working alongside like minded, positive and inspirational businesses and individuals has helped them become the best version of themselves! If you want to find out what the best version of yourself looks like then why not drop us an email and get your business added to our Resident Waiting List!

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