The Power of Praise

By the rules of the Law Of Attraction, we understand the power of praise.

But what does that mean, why is it an important part of the Law of Appreciation and how can you apply it to improve your life?

Appreciation and praise is a powerful part of the law of attraction…if it’s used in its purest form…so we want to help you utilise the Power of Praise in the best way!

We can be appreciative of someone but if we never express that appreciation (praise them) in WORDS AND ACTION (notice the AND!) then the Universe never hears or feels your appreciation and therefore it can’t respond to it.

So how do we harness the Power of Praise and Appreciation…it’s pretty simple really…if you think about what you appreciate about someone, feel it in your heart, then ACT on it to show your appreciation…you’re nearly there…but not quite!

The expression of genuine appreciation for someone around us has to come from a place within us were the INTENTION is correct! By that we mean, we are sincerely thankful for those we already have around us without expecting more from these wonderful people just because we showed them appreciation.

In doing this, thinking of how we appreciate someone, feeling the gratitude in our hearts for them, then showing them by praising them (which could be anything from sitting them down and telling them how much they are appreciated, sending a thank you card or token of appreciation etc) then we are sending out a signal to the Universe that we have good people in our lives, people to appreciate!

When we send this signal out into the Universe, we are telling the Universe we have good people and good things in our lives and based of the Universal Law of Attraction, we will be gifted with more to be grateful for!

After all, every time you praise someone, every time you appreciate someone, every time you feel good about someone and express it…you are telling the Universe “More of this please” and you will attract more people, more things and more situations to be grateful for!

So right now…remind yourself…who are you grateful for in your life…think about it…feel it…now get out there and go and tell them or show them how much you value them in your life!

Let’s keep the attitude of gratitude flowing people!

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