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Business Logo Design in 8 Steps.

Designing a logo is often one of the first steps that an entrepreneur will take to getting their business on the go... 


A number of businesses will search google for an online logo design, but we would always recommend getting a graphic designer or expert to design one for you. Logo design can vary anywhere from £95 but it is one of the most value marketing assets you will design throughout your journey as a business owner.


Gaining recognisability in a busy marketplace is so valuable and can help to build trust with your existing and prospective customers. 


So how can you start to get thinking about what you'd like? Heres our 8-step process to starting a great brand/logo design.


  1. The best starting place is your story.

  2. Think about words that describe your brand/product

  3. Draw some ideas based on the words you've written.

  4. Show target customers your drawings to see which they gravitate towards.

  5. Select your top three and approach a graphic designer to design your logo.

  6. Pick 5 colours that match your product, logo & brand idea

  7. Choose a font

  8. Ensure that if you grow, your brand/logo will be able to grow with you.