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Manifestation Explained

What does Manifestation mean?

Manifestation isn’t a myth! Manifestation is something you bring forth into your physical life through thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions.

This could be an experience, an object, a pet, a person... absolutely anything!

Manifestation is a means of creation. Where we focus on something and whatever we focus on expands or overflows into our reality!

The basic premise of manifesting is that your thoughts, feelings and actions create your physical reality.

Whatever you focus on (consciously or subconsciously) is what is going to show up in your life. That's right. You are the creator of your own reality. So choose your thoughts, feelings and actions carefully!

The Universal law of attraction clearly states that like attracts like (and who are we to argue with a Universal Law!). This basically means that one energetic frequency attracts things vibrating at the same energetic frequency to itself.

So if you think positive happy thoughts, you will manifest (draw into your life) more things that make you happy and feel more positive and joyful. However if you focus on negative, fear based thoughts then you will attract more things to feel negatively about.

It really is that simple and that’s why we here at SW HQ focus on the Master of Manifestation daily!