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Resident Stories: Dagmara Victoria

Business Name: 

Dagmara Victoria


What is the nature of your business / what services do you offer?

I am a semi-permanent makeup artist and offer lash and brow treatments. I also do art, and specialise in realistic pencil portraits, oil on canvas, and contemporary art.


How did you come to be in the industry you are in? What is your background? 

I have always had the passion of creating since was I was younger; everything to do with art. I went to college to do a variety of art and knew that was the career path I wanted. I loved everything to do with art history of art and sculpture and took interior design classes and would sit and do paintings. After two years I left uni as I felt what I had learnt the techniques I would need to start my own business. I decided to get my own studio where I could do my interior design and art. I started doing beauty treatments as I wanted to develop my art in a different away.

I made the decision to move to England, which was a big step, and I can say my journey has been a learning curve and I’ve learnt so much about myself and my talents. I began doing courses within beauty and renting small rooms to build up my client base. Someone I know took classes with Liverpole, who are based in The Secret Warehouse, and they told me about how amazing the building is and how much I’d love it there. I decided to visit The Secret Warehouse and my friend was right, I loved it! The building is so unique and special, the big antique clocks, the telephone box mail drops, the grass seating areas inside and out... just everything about it is magical. So I emailed them, sending them pictures of my work, but there wasn’t a room available at the time.

I was persistent in checking and one day a room became available. I am so lucky to be here as I offer my treatments and have amazing clients and get to show off my art talents around the building by painting on the walls.


How would you like your clients / customers to describe your business? 

I would like to think my customers describe me as an artist rather than a beautician as I believe my treatments are more artistic and creative. Customers trust me because of my art, if they see my art on paper they can see how their treatment will turn out and therefore they can rest easy and trust me to apply their semi-permanent make up. It has to be a very trusting process and thankfully my clients appreciate this.


What has been your greatest achievement to date? 

Finding what I love to do, as doing what you love is a daily achievement.


How does your business align with the values and ethos of the Secret Warehouse?

I am very obsessed with space and the universe. Always believed everything happens for a reason. I feel my situations have guided me to be here.


How has being a part of the Warehouse community benefitted your business? 

I would say being in The Secret Warehouse has changed my life! It has taught me to approach every situation with a positive mindset and to focus on what is really important. It has brought the right people into my life and being around positive people helps a lot.


If you could give one piece of advice to anyone who wants to start their own business what would it be?

Don’t be scared to take the risk. Everything in life doesn’t come easy, you have to work for it. Never give up.