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Resident Stories: Leon Britton Photography

Business Name:

Leon Britton Photography


What is the nature of your business / what services do you offer?

All aspects of photography.


How did you come to be in the industry you are in? What is your background?

I got married at St Chads Church in Kirkby. The day was perfect, and we were surrounded by well-wishing friends and family sharing our big day. Hymns were sang, vows exchanged, food and drink consumed and there was plenty of dancing and drinking into the early hours.

Once the dust settled, people had gone home, and life returned to normal. Apart from our shared memories of a fantastic day, the only thing that remained of the event was our photography. The cake was gone, champagne drank, and the dress was in a box along with a selection of treasured mementoes.

They say that you can usually remember what inspired you to make the big changes, and for me it was our wedding photography. Whilst not a total disaster, we had hoped for a little better and whilst we saw past the majority of the issues, the fact remained that they were there.

Six weeks after our wedding I bought a DSLR camera and began to learn about photography and eventually start to take wedding and portrait photography seriously.

There were lessons already learnt in seeing unfocused images, key family members missing from staged shots and poor cropping which meant some people were half in and half out. More importantly it became apparent that there needed to be a connection with the photographer and the moment taking place, and more so, the people involved.

This was true back then and still a belief I hold true, possibly more today, with every shot I take.

Life saw fit to move my career along a different but more relevant path and I then went on to manage two specialist photographic retail businesses, in addition to training, studio work and an award-winning processing lab.

I may not specialise in architecture or underwater photography, new-borns, or pets – but what I do specialise on is people... the engagement with and capturing of their moments that matter.


How would you like your clients / customers to describe your business?

As a positive and enjoyable experience. Most people feel apprehensive and nervous when it comes to having their pictures taken, and often need reassurance and guidance at a photoshoot. Personally, having a lively and engaging personality and a background as an entertainer, I try to offer encouragement whilst working with them every step of the way to get the most out of their session.  A common theme of all the feedback to date on google mentions the positive experience they had at their sessions – and this what I am aiming for.


What has been your greatest achievement to date?

My biggest achievement to date was graduating from university at 46. I am a massive believer that you are never too old to learn, and that each day presents new opportunities and sometimes you just need to take that leap of faith with both feet.


How does your business align with the values and ethos of the Secret Warehouse?

Like attracts like – it’s that simple. This can be thoughts, actions, or experiences – and this is something I truly believe in. That’s why when the opportunity to be based at the warehouse presented itself, I jumped in with two feet. Working alongside likeminded, positive, enthusiastic, and friendly people is contagious – and priceless, especially when your clients comment on the positive atmosphere when they enter the building. I also believe that by removing the negatives from any situation you are simply making more room for the positives.


How has being a part of the Warehouse community benefitted your business? 

Spending time with focused successful positive minded individuals and positivity is contagious.


If you could give one piece of advice to anyone who wants to start their own business what would it be?

Do you what you love so it doesn't feel like work. It's a marathon not a sprint.