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Resident Stories: Milkymate

Business Name:



What is the nature of your business / what services do you offer?

To support parents of multiple births such as twins, triplets, quads etc. with our Milkymate cushion helping hands.


How did you come to be in the industry you are in? What is your background?

Hi, my name is Margy and I’m the inventor of Milkymate. As both a mum and nan of twins, I created Milkymate because I wish I’d had something to help me when my twins were little. I drew from my own experience and also consulted with other parents of multiples, particularly my own daughter (a mum of twins) and a medical researcher. We looked at how we could help parents of multiples when in times of need. Milkymate allows all babies to remain on the same feeding schedule, reducing the need for two or three separate feeding times down to one streamlined time. This gives parents some breathing space and more precious time to enjoy their babies every single day.


How would you like your clients / customers to describe your business?

Milkymate is the helping hand every parent of twins and multiples dreams of!


What has been your greatest achievement to date?

I am so grateful for all the beautiful messages and feedback I get from parents of multiples, saying how life changing Milkymate was for them and how they are so grateful for all the support.


How does your business align with the values and ethos of the Secret Warehouse?

The Secret Warehouse is a place that helps so many people, it’s a place you can turn to and find the support you are looking for.  Working around so many others all wanting to help each other is magical.


How has being a part of the warehouse community benefitted your business?

Without a doubt The Secret Warehouse community has benefited my business. It has helped me to grow as an individual and as a business. There is nowhere in the world like The Secret Warehouse, their is an amazing vibe and you feel so much love around you from other Residents, to me, you can’t get better than that.


If you could give one piece of advice to anyone who wants to start their own business what would it be?

Follow your dream, believe in yourself, and surround yourself with encouraging positive people.