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Well by now we hope you’ve tried and loved our 10 day POWER OF POSITIVITY CHALLENGE and are living your best life!

Today we want to talk to you about living in alignment and what exactly that means to you…

The definition of alignment is to have everything in a line…in or the terms of the law of attraction, to have your words, feelings and actions in line with each other.

What does this mean? Well to put it simply, the universe returns to us the things we focus on. That means that if we are clear with our thoughts, our feelings match those thoughts and our actions carry out our thoughts and feelings then we are ALIGNED!

Why is this so important? Ok, so this is the most interesting bit but so often neglected when people try to apply the law of attraction to their lives. Think about it…if you say out loud to others or to yourself in your head, that you want to attract something or someone into your life and it’s something your heart desires, but, your actions are actually doing the opposite then the universe doesn’t get a clear message of what you really want, so it can’t deliver, or worse it delivers fragments of what you think, what you desire and also what you do! For example, if you want to attract more money into your life so you come up with a wonderful idea (your mind is then in line) and you feel like it’s a great idea for you (your emotions are in line now) but you never take the steps to see the project through then your actions are not aligned so the universe can not deliver exactly what you asked for! Another example would be if you wanted to attract a new romantic partner into your life and you dream about it in your head, you start taking actions to get out and about making it easier to meet a new potential partner or you start going the gym to get your body confidence to an all time high…but…in your heart you feel like you’re not worthy of this love or you are still emotionally holding on to the hope that an ex partner will return…then you are not aligned and the universe can’t deliver what it is that you want as it’s it’s getting mixed messages from you!

So how do we remedy this…let’s take the romantic partner situation as an example of how to become aligned, mind body and soul. So you know you want to attract a new partner, that’s your head in line, you go to the gym, or every social gathering you’re invited to or start an internet dating profile…but your heart still isn’t believing it deserves this amazing love…so our advice is to remember that to attract love you have to be love and that’s starts with loving yourself first! Take time out to count all your wonderful features, physical, mental and emotional and make it a daily practice. Count the qualities you love about other people and watch as more and more of these loveable qualities appear in front of your eyes!
Falling in love with yourself is the only way to bring yourself into ALIGNMENT!

The universal law of attraction works on energy and if your energy from mind, body and soul don’t match then how can the universe know exactly what it is you truly want so it can deliver it for you!

We really hope you’ve enjoyed chatting about ALIGNMENT with us today and remember YOU HAVE TO BE WHAT YOU WANT TO ATTRACT IN LIFE! So be your best self and live your best life and let the universe deliver the magic!

See you back here soon for our next chat about YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT – THE PRINCIPLES OF ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE!

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