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Welcome to the Warehouse...

We’re sure that by now you’ve heard that old saying “Don’t try and reinvent the wheel” but here at the Secret Warehouse...that’s exactly what we came to do!

Natural Change-makers...

As natural change-makers and industry innovators, we wanted to create something that went far beyond a typical business centre for Entrepreneurs, Sole Traders and established businesses alike. Yes, we offer premium workspaces designed to help you create and innovate, but we’re so much more than that! Our goal was to create a safe and positive environment in which everyone could thrive and grow and that intention doesn’t end with our resident’s businesses, it also extends to their clients too.

We want everyone who walks through the doors of our magnificent, brick built building, to feel connected to something greater than themselves...our positive atmosphere...and we believe we’ve not only achieved that goal but we’ve surpassed it!

The Power Of Proof 

How can we be sure we’ve achieved our goals...well all you have to do is take a look at our Resident Stories section and you’ll be able to see for yourself what people say about their personal and professional experience of the time they spend in the Secret Warehouse and what their own client feedback tells us. Even better, why not visit us yourself and feel the energy that radiates from the building! Who knows...maybe you’ll be our next business in Residence!

Read our Resident StoriesBecome a Resident

A One Stop Shop, YES, a non stop Enterprise, ABSOLUTELY!

We didn’t want to stop with a new take on Business’s not our style...we kept going and we continue to create positive change in all areas of business.

Secret SourcingFulfilmentComplianceMade in England 🇬🇧

Our Secrets, are yours...

Take for example our Secret Sourcing Department, an in house worldwide hub in which we can source and produce anything you could possibly desire to create a brand beyond your wildest dreams! We call it Secret Sourcing because we follow a strict ethical and moral code of complete confidentiality whenever we have the honour of working alongside any business.

With a long and successful history of working with some of the biggest brand names in the world, we also have a wealth of experience to share with our client base which they wouldn’t receive from other sourcing companies. Our friendly and knowledgable team can support you with manufacturing, logistics and even brand management. We are behind our clients every step of the way, your success is our success...however the customer accolades, industry respect and more importantly, the increased profits, remain all yours!

We even have in house Distribution specialists and Fulfilment services for all brands to utilise!

Secret SourcingFulfilment

Do you have to be a Resident within the Secret Warehouse to Access these Services?

Absolutely not, no matter where you are based or where you are in your brand journey, we are more than happy to work with you. Just head over to our SW Business Hub and fill out our contact us form and we’ll get back to you! It’s in our SW Business Hub where you can also read about some of our other services such as Compliance, Business Start Up Advice and Marketing 101.

Marketing 101 💻Business Start Up Support 💼Finance Support 📈

Entrepreneurial Support...

In our comprehensive guide to Entrepreneurial Advice you will find out how to apply for a Trademark, how to open a Limited Company, what expenses you could claim as a Sole Trader or even how to register for PAYE for your employees. In this section you will find an abundance of free information and it doesn’t stop at the legalities either...we have great advice on how to use Canva, TikTok, Instagram and even a ‘how to’ guide on logo design!

We are here to share our vast knowledge and wealth of experience with our clients and also to inspire a new wave of Entrepreneurial Conscious Creators who believe that sharing is caring (and at the Secret Warehouse we really do care!).

The Business Support Hub

Speaking of Caring...

This brings us to our SW Lifestyle and Positivity Hub and why you should check it out today!

Here you’ll find everything you need in our SW Store from our life changing Positivity Products, Wellbeing tools, Accessories, Gifts for all ages and even our own UNIVERSAL CATALOG where you can place your order with the Universe and Consciously Create the life of your dreams.

Remember to also check out our free Positivity Hub which gives you comprehensive, yet simple explanations, of all the key terms and phrases used by Conscious Creators like ourselves. We delve into the meaning of Manifestation, The Power of Positivity and Abundance so that you too can have a deeper understanding of these words. We’ve laid it out in simple and articulate ways so that it’s easy to follow and it serves was a reminder that every day can be abundant, every day can be turned into a positive day and it serves as a constant reminder that we are consistently manifesting whether we realise it or not!

The Positivity Hub

Oh, and it's 'THE' place for events...

You will also find our Events section which will provide information on upcoming live and virtual events
(don’t forget to check back regularly as all of our events are a sell out!).

Book your Tickets nowHost your event here!

Hear the Secrets of Life & Business...

In our SW Lifestyle section you’ll also be able to sign up for our upcoming Podcasts and take a tour of our Visual Inspiration Gallery where you can watch inspirational videos on a multitude of topics!

You might even see some famous faces on make sure to check that area out regularly for new posts to brighten your day or keep you aligned with your own journey of Conscious Creation!

Listen to our Podcast

Just remember... by being here in this moment in time, you’re exactly where you’re meant to be... so settle in and take a tour... who knows where the journey will end!

We encourage you to take a tour of our website because we have something for everyone (and if we don’t, we soon will have!) so make sure to come back regularly and see what we’re up to at the SW H.Q.