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Supporting small to large businesses...

Why is compliance so important?

 Compliance of finished products is paramount, lots of brands do not realise the importance of adherence. Each Brand requires a Responsible Person, being the Responsible Person means you are the Legal Representative of your products. It is the Responsible Persons duty to ensure all ingredients, processes, labelling and territorial regulations are fulfilled, failing to do so could lead to personal criminal prosecution.

Certifications you might not even know you needed

Internationally there are different certifications & criteria your products will be required to meet, we've secured hundreds of certifications & managed compliance logistics internationally.

Pay as you go...

Although compliance detail is not a "one-off procedure", our compliance clients can stay for as long or as little as they'd like...

24/7 Support

Get in touch with a real person anytime. 

What is Trade Product & Logistics Compliance?

Trade compliance in short means operating within the many global regulations that are around trading activities, the import and export of products and the individual certification marks for products when offered in different countries regions to abide by local laws & regulations.

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We take the personable approach...

Here at the Secret Warehouse we believe that we are the best Compliance Company in the UK. You will find that the Compliance Industry in this Country is faceless, slow and "the computer says no" kind of attitude.  

A computer says "yes" attitude...

For more information about the compliance detail required for product range, click below to get in touch with our team.

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Access to our network of global professionals.

We offer a service that we would expect to receive. From the minute your idea is born we can tell you instantly whether your product is a permitted item or which Countries it is permitted. We have a vast network of Professionals that constantly monitor the ever changing World of Compliance we find ourselves in today.

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Ongoing support packages

Compliance is not just a one-off procedure, it is ongoing. We offer the whole process. Our monthly packages include real time advice, Regulatory monitoring, Compiling of legal documents, constant advice on your responsibilities and most of all simplistic support. We pride ourselves on our reputation, our Clients see us as their legal Shield .

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