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Letting the Joy of Christmas Shine...

In 2019 we had the best Christmas ever!Why...because we launched our very first Grateful Grotto. Having grown tired of how the true Christmas spirit had faded over time, we wanted to give families of all ages the opportunity to go back in time to when Christmas had real meaning and was more about being grateful for who was around the tree and not just what was under it! How did we come up with the idea...well in typical Warehouse style of course! We were all talkingover a cup of tea one day, and on this day the topic happened to be about what we missed about a classic Christmas and why it had changed so dramatically over the years. Between us, we realised that when we were growing up, we spent hours flicking through the pages of the Argos toy catalog and marking each page for the things we wished Father Christmas would bring us (but knowing we wouldn’t get them all, we were happy for whatever we got!). 

LIVE Mini Panto Perfomance

A feel good Christmas Story

Interactive Experiences

Fun for the family of all ages

Meet Santa & His Team

A true taste of Christmas delight

Come with a Grateful Heart...

The build up for the big day was so exciting for us, but that joy in the simple things had disappeared for the current generation, they didn’t get to find the joy from the Argos and so many other things like we did because everything was ‘virtual’ now, everything was delivered to your door in 4 hours or the next day. They never got to experience the very first Thursday night of December when the shops opened until 8PM (yes kids, all shops shut at 5pm back in the day, no matter what!) and for three weeks leading up to Christmas the air was electric and truly magical, you could feel the excitement in the atmosphere as kids ran about telling everyone what they’d asked Santa for who was coming round for Christmas Dinner and the family they were going to see that they hadn’t seen for ages. Thats when we realised just how lucky we were to have had so many of those Christmases and how we wished todays families could be shown the true joy of Christmas...and that was it, the moment the Grateful Grotto came to life inside The Secret Warehouse. The transformation was sensational, a true immersive and sensory experience for all ages, whilst we brought back the true joy to Christmas...but with our signature Secret Warehouse spin of course!We encouraged everyone to come, one and all, with a grateful heart, open to joy and wonder. To join us in encouraging merriment as we whisked everyone off into a winter wonderland with meaning, where all are welcome to explore and have their hearts energised with Yuletide enchantment. A place where an attitude of gratitude is not only encouraged but actively practised. This was not like any other grotto, there were activities, interactive experiences, a mini Panto performance...and of course The “Big Fella” himself was there with his trusty team of helpers, making sure everyone got a true taste of Christmas delight!