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Shopping & Retail

At the Secret Warehouse we know that like attracts like, which is why all of our Residents are so naturally aligned with our Company Ethos and Energy. Our Residents are Conscious Creators and as such they’ve become innovative market leaders with a strong sense of community and the power of a positive mindset!

Shameless Originals

Bespoke fashion design and dress making, bespoke bridal and bridesmaid dresses.

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Flamingo Boulevard

A luxury shopping experience for the less ‘traditional’ bride. From gorgeous wedding dresses to beautiful separates, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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Tracey Miller Designs

Tracey designs and creates hats and headpieces using traditional millinery methods, taking her back creatively to a glamorous age gone by.

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Eyebrow Queen

Eyebrow Queen and Celebrity Brow Specialist, Nilam Holmes, has taken all of her experience in the industry and curated a must-have range of brow perfecting products to tame, maintain and style your brows at home. For those A list brows, only the Eyebrow Queen will do.

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The ultimate skin cleansing and protection spray for the face and body.

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Peggy Mays

Customised, bespoke, clothing and printing service with extensive experience in making stand-out work uniforms. We’re not here to meet your expectations, we’re here to surpass them, time and time again.

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Door Bows

Luxury Door Bows for all occasions - Christmas ~ Halloween ~ Birthdays ~ Baby Showers ~ Easter ~ Mothers Day ~ Christenings


Accent Neutrals by Dagmara Victoria

Creating contemporary art with a minimalist aesthetic. All pieces are created using high quality, cruelty-free vegan materials.


Queen P's popping

Sarah offers a whole variety of custom balloons all personalised to your requirements. Birthdays, Anniversary's, Newborn Arrivals, Weddings and every other occasion you can think of, Sarah's got you covered. Don't worry about colours either, because she's got hundreds to choose from, and can even personalise each arrangement to ensure it really hits the spot. Also, if you've seen an arrangement previously but want it 'your' way - drop her a message with an image and she will come right back to you.


Blanca Sport

Blanca sport is a Clothing Brand based here at the Secret Warehouse. They provide athleisure for the cool kids.