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Where have I been all my life?


What is the meaning of this question...we’re sure that’s what you’re thinking right now...and if so, you’re in the right place.


Where have I been all my life isn’t just a question, or even a’s something bigger than’s only something you can answer for yourself after following our guided pathway to a better, more abundant, more loving and more fulfilling life!


At the Secret Warehouse, we too have been on a journey of self discovery and self improvement…why…because we know that we can all improve our lives, no matter we are on our journey.


We have taken a lot of time and put a lot of our ‘Energy’ into creating a UNIQUE roadmap to guide you on your personal and professional journey towards becoming a Conscious Creator!


We believe that when things are hard in life there is always a way for us to make any situation better and even when life is going great, we can turn great into AMAZING!  We know that that Conscious Creation is possible for everyone, including you!  


As natural sharers and givers in society, and with our enthusiastic attitude towards helping everyone fulfil their own personal potential, we have spent the last year documenting how we achieved our dreams and goals and we have put all that information into one amazing, unique and easy to follow book just for you.  
Once we started documenting our journey we noticed that our lives improved just by recording what we did to get to where we are now!  That’s how amazing and life changing this roadmap really is!


We have test run our book with individuals from all kinds of backgrounds with all types of dreams and desires and guess what…all those people have told us that their own lives changed for the better when they started following our roadmap to Conscious Creation.  


But, more importantly, they found the answer to the question “Where have I been all my life!” and that was the sign we had been waiting for…we then knew that people just like you were ready to ask themselves WHERE HAVE I BEEN ALL MY LIFE…! 



We also heard one statement over and over from our test readers and we think it’s really important to share this with you…everyone who has used our roadmap to Conscious Creation has asked us “Why has no one ever written anything like this before, it’s so easy to follow and it WORKS!” 


 Well, we answer that question the same way every single time and we answer it honestly!  We tell everyone that a book like this can’t be written by someone who hasn’t lived through the highs and lows of life, it has to be written by people who have had ups and down in life and figured out the best way through every situation to bring about the best possible outcome!


  We know what it means to be flying high one day and then hit the ground with a bump the next…because we’ve lived, we’ve learned, we’ve loved and we’ve lost…and to get to a point in life where we know what it takes to rise up and lift those around us at the same time…well that takes real life experience (and some trial and error of course, we’re only human after all).  


We have written this book from experience, from walking the walk not talking the talk…this book is written from the head and the heart and believe us when we say…there’s also a lot of our soul gone into this work because we know if someone would have handed US this amazing roadmap to Conscious Creation years ago we would have had a lot more highs and a lot less knocks in life that slowed us down, but never stopped us! 


So if we can help you make your life easier, if you can learn from our experiences, the good, the bad and the funny, then we’re living our dream right now!
So here you are…right now…and we have one question for you…are you ready to start your journey of discovery and find the answer to the question ‘Where Have I been all my Life?’


You’ll be amazed at how simple and yet thorough our book is, you’ll learn the science behind the art, you’ll learn to identify patterns within yourself that will help you to grow into the person you were born to be and perhaps most importantly…you’ll realise your dream life was already yours…you just had to Consciously Create it!  


If you’d like to start your journey today, we think you’ll find some really helpful tools and tips in our Positivity Hub and lots of information and inspiration throughout our website…and don’t forget to check out our Positivity Store for a wide range of life changing positive products and kits to help you on your way!  
So what are you waiting for…a sign?  If so, you’ve found it…
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