Dagmara Victoria

I am inspired by nature and the world around us, and this translates into my work in many ways. There are 3 sides to my work, which all tie in together, art, crystal jewelry, and of course, beauty.

My mission with beauty is to help women present their most confident selves to the world. When it comes to beauty, less is more, and every woman’s face is unique and beautiful in its own way. I believe semi permanent make-up and sculpting eye shape with eyelash extensions are truly about art, not cosmetics.

Eyebrows are actual facial architecture – the only thing which can change the shape of the face without any kind of plastic surgery. I work with the individual client’s natural colour’s and shape of the eyebrow to give the best overall look. This can be done with permanently if you wish, which will take the hassle out of fixing your own eyebrows every morning! This same treatment is also available with eyeliner and lips. Imagine never having to spend time or money on lipstick, not having to worry about it smudging when eating (or kissing!). 

Lashes too are vitally important in the overall look of the eye. Many women cover their lashes in mascara, or use large, heavy extensions. This can damage the natural lashes and can be quite heavy on the eye itself. I only use the finest, lightweight and natural looking lashes. The eyes are the first place we look when we meet someone, so why not have the best looking eyes possible! 

Take a look on my instagram for all of these treatments and find some ideas!

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