Ok so I bet you didn’t expect to see this title pop up in our Law of Attraction Blog did you!

So why do we want to talk about minding your own business and what does it have to do with the Law of Attraction???

We believe that this is really one of the key components of the Law of Attraction and yet it’s something that’s so often overlooked by people who write or teach about the Law of Attraction!

What we mean when we say there is a power to minding your own business we are talking out vibrational cross over…Vibrational crossover is when we get so involved in someone else’s lives, their beliefs, their desires, their wants and needs that they are sending out into the Universe, that we start to blend their vibration with ours and unless you want, desire, feel, think or act EXACTLY the same as this person then what we end up with is vibrational crossover! Where another’s intentions and beliefs are allowed to intermingle with our own to the point that they become imprinted in our energy field!

This doesn’t have to be just one person, we could be over involved with multiple people and that can result in our own vibrational output to the universe being so diluted with others energy that we can’t actually attract what WE desire!

So what does this mean in terms of the law of attraction…this would mean that the Universe can’t clearly hear or feel our own true intentions, desires or beliefs and therefore it can’t discern from what is genuinely our energy or the energy of others…so if we send out scattered, disorganised, half intentional energy then we will receive the same back!

So next time you feel yourself getting too involved in another’s desires, feelings, wants, or beliefs…remind yourself that they belong to them…not you…and remind yourself their is POWER IN MINDING YOUR OWN BUSINESS!

Come back and see us next week when we talk about ENERGY PROTECTION…it’s a good one and definitely something everyone can benefit from!

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