Let’s talk about the gift of giving. We don’t mean giving every single penny you have to a charity close to your heart or giving your family and friends the most expensive gift ever. The best gifts in life are free of charge and the universe always repays you in ways you can only imagine.

Giving kind words, a smile, appreciation, love or compliments; these are things you can do within your everyday life that might make someone else’s day – we don’t know everybody’s story and we don’t know if the person next to us in traffic just needs a smile from someone today.  Or your work friend that you sit near isn’t feeling confident today so that little compliment has made their day.  Of course, the biggest most powerful thing you can give is love, whether it is to your friends or family – spreading a little bit of extra love by showing people you pass love… imagine you’re throwing love at them.  

Try this, it will make you feel so much gratitude for each and every good deed you GIVE.

The Secret Warehouse

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