We felt it was about time we introduced ourselves properly and let you get to know us a bit better…because we definitely want to get to know YOU! So in the spirit of getting to know each other we thought we’d introduce you to our beautiful building which we lovingly call home…

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As you can see we are housed within a traditional brick warehouse in Liverpool’s historic Docklands.

With amazing views across the Docklands and a head full of inspirational ideas, we had all the ingredients to create something magical and we believe we’ve definitely achieved what we set out to do!

Our Founders were already big believers in the Law of Attraction and they lived and breathed those philosophies in their personal and professional lives, so when they acquired the warehouse there was only one thing to do with it…turn it into the worlds first Law of Attraction Business Centre…and so in 2014 The Secret Warehouse was born!

The space was transformed but the character and old world charm of the building was retained and parts were lovingly restored to their former glory.

As the saying goes…’If you build it, they will come’. Well sure enough, even before we had a chance to promote our space, word about our exciting new concept to redefine business centres had managed to spread far and wide. Before we knew it we had a waiting list of ‘up and coming’ new ventures and long established businesses who wanted to become part of our positive working community.

So you may be wondering how that happened and why…well that’s where the Law of Attraction comes in. We set the intention, even before the renovation of The Secret Warehouse was complete, that we would like to attract and house other businesses that also believed in the Law of Attraction.

So we sent our intention out into the Universe with hearts and minds full of faith that it would happen and then we set about creating the space for everyone to enjoy, brick by brick, we built it…and they came.

Like the Law of Attraction reminds us…Ask,Believe, Receive…by the time we opened our doors we were surrounded by businesses who were drawn to our concept of being positive, believing in themselves, being part of a community who help and support each other and who also recognised the benefits of surrounding themselves with like minded people who all have the same goal…to achieve their dreams…just like we have.

Well, it’s been a pleasure giving you a glimpse into our little world and we can’t wait to see you here again soon for our next blog on THE LAW OF ATTRACTION – HOW TO USE IT TO CREATE YOUR DREAM LIFE!

Remember…ASK,BELIEVE,RECEIVE…and who knows…maybe you’ll be a resident here one day very soon…because if you’re reading this then you’re already aligned with our good vibrations!


The Secret Warehouse

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